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Figure 2

From: The tumour suppressor SOX11 is associated with improved survival among high grade epithelial ovarian cancers and is regulated by reversible promoter methylation

Figure 2

Promoter methylation of SOX11 correlates to mRNA and protein expression in EOC cell lines. The relative mRNA levels (RQ) as compared to OVCAR-3 are shown as diamonds. The standard deviation for the RQ values has been calculated with a 95% confidence interval (CI). Below, corresponding protein levels are shown. The degree of SOX11 promoter methylation, described as percentage of methylated CpGs of 28 possible CpG methylation sites, is shown as bars. The three cell lines A2780, A2780-CP7 and ES-2 all lack mRNA and protein expression of SOX11, correlating to a high percentage of methylated CpG sites.

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