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Figure 12

From: Collagen induced arthritis increases secondary metastasis in MMTV-PyV MT mouse model of mammary cancer

Figure 12

Treatment with anti-IL17 antibody and celecoxib significantly reduced secondary metastasis in the arthritic PyV MT mice.Percent of mice that developed A) bone and B) lung metastasis post treatment. Fifty percent decrease in bone and lung metastasis in mice treated with the combination therapy. N = 4 mice per group. C and D: Percent of PyV MT cells that invaded through the matrigel in an in vitro invasion assay with C) bone lysate or D) lung lysate in the bottom chamber. Lysates from lung and bone of treated arthritic PyV MT mice were significantly less chemotactic than lysates from untreated arthritic PyV MT mice. (* p < 0.05). N = 3 from each group. The statistical differences between groups are shown with horizontal bars. The statistical differences were compared between 1) C57Bl/6 with C57Bl/6 + CII at 9 and 18 weeks; and 2) PyV MT with PyV MT + CII at 9 and 18 weeks.

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