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Table 4 Statistical results (P-value) of the non parametrical test (* Kruskal-Wallis and ‡ Mann-Whitney U test) used to compare changes in the kinetic parameters, tumor size in MRI, and clinical findings, between groups of patients defined by final pathologic findings (Sataloff Grade)

From: Accuracy of perfusion MRI with high spatial but low temporal resolution to assess invasive breast cancer response to neoadjuvant chemotherapy: a retrospective study

  Ktrans Ve Size in MRI Clinical findings
Sataloff Grade AIF theoretical p-value AIF measured p-value AIF theoretical p-value AIF measured p-value p-value p-value
A vs B vs C+D 0,5467 0,0398 0,0799 0,0092 0,4643 0,4643
A+B vs C+D 0,9095 0,0107 0,0474 0,0059 0,4244 0,4421
A vs B+C+D 0,3173 0,1096 0,0532 0,0077 0,2244 0,0462