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Table 2 Stable downregulation of TFPIβ in MDA-MB-231 breast cancer cells.

From: Downregulation of TFPI in breast cancer cells induces tyrosine phosphorylation signaling and increases metastatic growth by stimulating cell motility

   TFPIβ/α mRNA
% of control
Total/Free TFPI ag Total TFPI ag,
Free TFPI ag,
MDA-MB-231 pSiRPG-shRNA7β 46/2 2.0/1.6 0.7/0.2 0.1/0.1
  pSiRPG-shRNA9β 42/1 2.3/1.6 0.8/0.2 0.1/0.1
  pSiRPG (control) 0/0 3.5/1.7 1.5/0.3 0.2/0.2
  1. MDA-MB-231 breast cancer cells were transduced with vectors containing shRNAs against TFPIβ or empty vector pSiRPG as a control. Relative TFPIα and β mRNA levels were quantified using qRT-PCR and cell-associated protein (ag) with total and free TFPI ELISA kits. GPI attached TFPI was measured in the supernatant after PI-PLC treatment using total and free TFPI ELISA kit. Ag levels were corrected against cellular total protein and presented as ng TFPI/mg total protein.