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Table 1 Clinico-pathological characteristics of different subtypes of Castleman's disease as described in previous studies1-10 and the present case

From: Unicentric castleman's disease located in the lower extremity: a case report

Histologic subtype Predominant occurence Epidemiology Morphology Immuno-histochemistry Associated diseases Clinical course Therapy
Hyaline vascular Unicentric F = M, young adults Abnormal follicles with shrunken germinal centers consisting of FDC, "onion skinning", vascular ingrowth: "lollipop" formations, interfollicular hypervasculariza-tion FDC: CD21, CD35, EGFR Nephrotic syndrome, mixed connective tissue disorder, Hodgkin disease Benign Complete resection
Plasma cell Multicentric F = M, young adults Hyperplastic germical centers, intact mantle zone infiltrated by mature plasma cells, interfollicular plasmacytosis Plasma cells: CD138 Elevated IgG4, elevated IL-6; infections: HHV-8, HIV; autoimmune, paraneoplastic and connective tissue diseases Aggressive Multimodal approach: radiation, chemo-therapy, and/or surgery
Mixed cellularity (present case) Unicentric F, 37 years A combination of hyaline vascular and plasma cell type FDC: CD23, KiM4P; Plasma cells: CD138 None Benign Complete resection
  1. FDC: Follicular dendritic cells.