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Table 1 SNPs genotyped in EPICOLON from the previously identified category and the mucin gene family to evaluate their implication in CRC genetic susceptibility.

From: Case-control study for colorectal cancer genetic susceptibility in EPICOLON: previously identified variants and mucins

Gene SNP ID Chr Position* Category SNP type Alleles
MTHFR rs1801133 1 11856378 Previously identified Missense (A222V) C/T
IRS1 rs1801278 2 227660544 Previously identified Missense (G971R) A/G
PPARG rs1801282 3 12393125 Previously identified Missense (P12A) C/G
IL8 rs4073 4 74606024 Previously identified Promoter A/T
ADH1C rs698 4 100260789 Previously identified Missense (I350V) A/G
APC rs459552 5 112176756 Previously identified Missense (V1822D) A/T
IL6 rs1800795 7 22766645 Previously identified Promoter C/G
CCDN1 rs9344 11 69462910 Previously identified Synonymous (P241P) A/G
VDR rs2228570 12 48272895 Previously identified Missense (M1T) C/T
ARL11 rs3803185 13 50205025 Previously identified Missense (C158R) A/G
OVGP1 rs10067 1 111957311 Mucin family Missense (H604Q) C/G
GALNT14 rs2288101 2 31135184 Mucin family Missense (Q469K) A/C
GALNT14 rs11676188 2 31352788 Mucin family Intronic C/G
GALNTL2 rs2102302 3 16215650 Mucin family Promoter A/G
MUC13 rs12732 3 124624568 Mucin family 3'-UTR C/T
MUC13 rs4679392 3 124646594 Mucin family Missense (I99T) A/G
MUC7 rs6826961 4 71346701 Mucin family Missense (N80K) C/G
GALNT10 rs6580076 5 153783753 Mucin family Synonymous (A382A) C/T
GALNT10 rs2277937 5 153799165 Mucin family 3'-UTR C/T
MUC21 rs1634730 6 30954245 Mucin family Missense (V98A) C/T
MUC12 rs11766125 7 100648117 Mucin family Missense (T4758R) C/G
MUC17 rs4729656 7 100701610 Mucin family 3'-UTR A/T
MUC15 rs15783 11 26586801 Mucin family Missense (T229I) A/G
MUC15 rs11029621 11 26596998 Mucin family 3' near gene A/G
MUC19 rs2933353 12 40857943 Mucin family Missense (G1803A) A/C
GALNT4 rs2230283 12 89916811 Mucin family Missense (V506I) A/G
GALNT1 rs17647532 18 33234072 Mucin family Promoter C/T
MUC16 rs1862458 19 9069792 Mucin family Missense (S5885F) A/G
  1. SNP ID, single nucleotide polymorphism identification.
  2. Chr: Chromosome; UTR: untranslated region. *According to NCBI build 37.1 available at