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Figure 1

From: Integrated genomics of ovarian xenograft tumor progression and chemotherapy response

Figure 1

MT19c reduces growth of SKOV-3 xenograft tumors and induces apoptosis. A. MT19c significantly reduced the growth of xenograft tumors on average. The size of each tumor was measured with calipers, average for each time point and plotted. Error bars are standard deviations of the mean tumor measurements. B. Individual growth curves for the naïve (N16A, B, C) and MT19c treated (T16A, B, C) xenograft tumors C. Purified DNA reveals MT19c induced degradation of DNA. One μg of DNA from each specimen was purified and run on an agarose gel. All MT19c treated tumors had significantly degraded DNA while the majority of the DNA from naïve tumors is in a distinct upper band indicative of high molecular weight DNA.

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