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Figure 4

From: A Cross-Species Analysis of a Mouse Model of Breast Cancer-Specific Osteolysis and Human Bone Metastases Using Gene Expression Profiling

Figure 4

Genes involved in pathways related to the TB interface and the TA area and prediction of a therapeutic agent that targets the TB interface. p-values of pathway-specific genes enriched in the TB signature and in the TA area are plotted in green and red, respectively. Differential expression of genes in: A. the TGF-β pathway as determined using the GO database; B. the Wnt-signaling pathway using the KEGG pathway database; and C. the myeloid proliferation and self-renewal pathway [46] using MSigDB. All the enrichment analyses were done using GlobalTest package software. D. Connectivity Map analysis predicted cyclopenthiazide as a candidate drug against the TB interface gene signature with 4 instances. All four instances fall in or near the red area (represented by black lines in the bar on the bottom), which suggests that cyclopenthiazide reverses the TB interface gene expression signature.

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