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Table 2 Factor structure and loadings

From: Measuring cancer care coordination: development and validation of a questionnaire for patients

Item Factor 1 Factor 2
I knew the warning signs and symptoms I should watch for to monitor my health 0.43 0.14
I always knew what tests, treatments and follow up were planned for me 0.70 0.03
I knew whether chemotherapy or radiotherapy were suitable for me 0.71 0.11
I was fully informed about the advantages and disadvantages of any additional treatments (eg radiotherapy, chemotherapy or hormonal therapy) that were relevant to me 0.75 0.11
I always knew the reason why I was having a test or treatment 0.64 0.00
I had access to all the additional services (eg stoma therapy, counselling, cancer support groups, nutritional advice) that I needed 0.60 0.07
I had sufficient help from staff with dealing with the emotional impact of my cancer 0.60 0.13
I had a good understanding of the things I was responsible for to help my treatment plan run smoothly 0.65 0.02
I had sufficient help from staff with practical arrangements 0.67 0.00
I was fully informed by staff about my financial entitlements (eg Medicare and health fund claims, travel allowances etc) 0.46 0.17
The health professionals looking after me always picked up on whether I was feeling anxious or down 0.58 0.11
How often were you asked how your visits with other health professionals were going? 0.46 0.09
How often were you asked how well you and your family were coping? 0.50 0.06
How often were you unsure who you should contact if you had concerns about your health or treatment plan? 0.06 0.68
How often were you unsure who to call out of business hours if you had a problem? 0.03 0.68
How often were you confused about the roles of the different health professionals involved in your care? 0.03 0.67
How often was it difficult to meet the financial costs associated with your health care? 0.10 0.45
How often did you feel that health professionals looking after you were not fully informed about your history and progress? 0.02 0.52
How often did you have difficulty getting an appointment with your GP? 0.03 0.37
How often did you have to wait too long to get the first available appointment for a test or treatment? 0.04 0.43
% variance explained