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Table 6 Causes of Death in 53 Patients with TCC of the Renal Pelvis or Ureter

From: Radiotherapy may improve overall survival of patients with T3/T4 transitional cell carcinoma of the renal pelvis or ureter and delay bladder tumour relapse

Causes Non-radiation group
(n = 30)
Radiation group
(n = 23)
p value
Distant metastases 18(60.0%) 17(73.8%) 0.461
   Lung 13 11  
   Liver 3 3  
   Bone 2 3  
Abdominal LN metastases 8(26.7%) 3(13.1%)  
Death unrelated to cancer 4(13.3%) 3(13.1%)  
  1. TCC: Transitional Cell Carcinoma; LN: Lymph Node.