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Table 1 Translation of AJCC groupings into summary staging for breast cancer.

From: Incidence of bone metastases and skeletal-related events in breast cancer patients: A population-based cohort study in Denmark

Stage TNM categories
Localized T1-4, N0, M0
Regional T1-4, N1-3, M0
Distant T1-4, N1-3, M1
0 Tis, N0, M0
I T1, N0, M0
IIA T0, N1, M0
  T1, N1, M0
  T2, N0, M0
IIB T2, N1, M0
  T3, N0, M0
IIIA T0, N2, M0
  T1, N2, M0
  T2, N2, M0
  T3, N1, M0
  T3, N2, M0
IIIB T4, N0, M0
  T4, N1, M0
  T4, N2, M0
IIIC Any T, N3, M0
IV Any T, Any N, M1