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Figure 3

From: Bicarbonate and dichloroacetate: Evaluating pH altering therapies in a mouse model for metastatic breast cancer

Figure 3

Primary tumor re-occurrence after survival surgeries. Survival surgeries occurred between day 28 and 50. Average resection day occurred on day 37 ± 8. Primary tumor sizes in all treatment groups averaged 490 ± 12 mm3. Primary tumors started to re-grow around day 50. Primary tumor re-occurrence is plotted over the survival time course as Kaplan-Meier curve. A plot point represents the day when a primary tumor was first measured after surgery. In mice where no primary tumor was observed in post-study necropsy experiments, a value of zero was recorded for day 120. A) Plots for all experimental cohorts (p = 0.29). B) Curves comparing groups that were not administered bicarbonate (untreated and DCA) and groups treated with bicarbonate (bicarbonate and DB) (p = 0.046).

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