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Table 3 P53 target genes differentially expressed in melanoma cells with wild-type or mutant P53

From: P53 in human melanoma fails to regulate target genes associated with apoptosis and the cell cycle and may contribute to proliferation

Accession No. Gene Symbol Gene Name Fold change (WT vs MT) p-value
NM_001012271.1 BIRC5 Baculoviral IAP repeat-containing 5 (Survivin), transcript variant 3 2.81 0.03297
  BIRC5   2.42 0.01001
NM_001080125.1 CASP8 Caspase 8, transcript variant G -5.88 0.02569
NM_001024844.1 CD82 CD82 molecule, transcript variant 2 -19.52 0.03576
NM_001790.3 CDC25C Cell division cycle 25 homolog C, transcript variant 1 -2.57 0.00007
NM_058195.2 CDKN2A Cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor 2A, transcript variant 4 -88.58 0.0159
  CDKN2A   -34.08 2.2E-05
NM_003068.3 SNAI2/SLUG Snail homolog 2 -8.92 0.00005
NM_005862.2 STAG1 Stromal antigen 1 2.33 0.04536
  1. Fold change in mRNA expression of p53 target genes found to be significantly different in extracts from melanoma cell lines expressing wild-type p53 (IgR3, Mel-RM, MM200, Me1007) compared to melanoma cell lines with null/mutant p53 (Sk-Mel-28, Me4405) (> 2-fold difference, p ≤ 0.05 and FDR = 5.0%). Real-time qRT-PCR verification of selected genes is shown in italics.