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Table 1 Surgical procedure codes.

From: The impact of audit and feedback on nodal harvest in colorectal cancer

Code Description
Canadian Classification of Health Interventions (CCI) codes (2001-onward)
1.NM.87.^^ (except 1.NM.87.BA, 1.NM.87.DA, 1.NM.87.LA) Excision partial, large intestine.
1.NM.89.^^ Excision total, large intestine
1.NM.91.^^ Excision radical, large intestine.
1.NQ.87.^^ (except 1.NQ.87.BA-FA and 1.NQ.87.BA, 1.NQ.87.DA, 1.NQ.87.CA, 1.NQ.87.PB, 1.NQ.87.PF) Excision partial, rectum
1.NQ.89.^^ Excision total, rectum
Physicians Billings procedure codes
MASG-57.52 Partial excision of large intestine:Terminal ileum, cecum an descending colon
MASG-57.53 Right hemicolectomy
MASG-57.55 Left hemicolectomy
MASG-57.59 Other partial excision of large intestine
MASG-57.6 Total colectomy
MASG-60.52 Other anterior resection (rectum)
MISG-60.52A Other anterior resection (rectum)-lower anterior resection
MASG-60.55 Hartmann resection (rectum)