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Table 1 Breast cancer surgery ICD 9th codes and definitions

From: Income level and regional policies, underlying factors associated with unwarranted variations in conservative breast cancer surgery in Spain

Breast cancer 174 Malignant neoplasm of female breast
  174.0 Nipple and areola
  174.1 Central portion
  174.2 Upper-inner quadrant
  174.3 Lower-inner quadrant
  174.4 Upper-outer quadrant
  174.5 Lower-outer quadrant
  174.6 Axillary tail
  174.8 Other specified sites of female breast
  174.9 Breast (female), unspecified
  233.0 Carcinoma in situ breast
  V10.3 Breast. History of conditions classifiable to 174 and 175
Conservative mastectomy 85.20 Excision or destruction of breast tissue, not otherwise specified
  85.21 Local excision of lesion of breast
  85.22 Resection of quadrant of breast
  85.23 Subtotal mastectomy
Non conservative mastectomy 85.33 Unilateral subcutaneous mammectomy with synchronous implant
  85.34 Other unilateral subcutaneous mammectomy
  85.35 Bilateral subcutaneous mammectomy with synchronous implant
  85.36 Other bilateral subcutaneous mammectomy
  85.41 Unilateral simple mastectomy
  85.42 Bilateral simple mastectomy
  85.43 Unilateral extended simple mastectomy
  85.44 Bilateral extended simple mastectomy
  85.45 Unilateral radical mastectomy
  85.46 Bilateral radical mastectomy
  85.47 Unilateral extended radical mastectomy
  85.48 Bilateral extended radical mastectomy