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Figure 2

From: Multimodal therapy for synergic inhibition of tumour cell invasion and tumour-induced angiogenesis

Figure 2

Effects of WXUK-1 (SPI), Celecoxib (COXI), and Galardin (MMPI) on FaDu and HeLa cell invasion capacity. (A) FaDu cells (3000 cells) or (C) HeLa cells (8000) were cultured in absence or presence of single, double or triple combination therapy. Shown is the mean infiltration of tumour cells with standard deviation into 15-18 pre-formed fibroblast spheroids performed in three independent experiments. (B) FaDu and (C) HeLa single cells (brown staining) and human primary skin fibroblast spheroids (1 × 104 cells, blue staining) were visualised by immunohistochemistry with antibodies against cytokeratines and MAb 5B5 in kryosections at day three of co-culture in the absence (left sections) and in the presence of inhibitors (right sections).

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