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Figure 5 | BMC Cancer

Figure 5

From: Targeting HOX and PBX transcription factors in ovarian cancer

Figure 5

PARP cleavage induced by HXR9. Lysates of CXR9-treated and HXR9-treated SK-OV3 cells were probed with an anti-PARP antibody. A lysate of etoposide treated HL60 leukaemia cells was included as a positive control. Lane 1 - untreated HL60 cells, Lane 2- etoposide treated HL60 cells, Lane 3 - CXR9 treated SK-OV3 cells, Lane 4 - HXR9 treated SK-OV3 cells. 'PARP' - position of full length PARP protein (116kDa), 'PARP(c)' - position of cleaved PARP (85kDa). Beta-actin is included as a loading control.

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