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Table 2 Gene expression changes in HeLaNR and HeLaXR cell lines (≥2-fold)

From: Microarray analysis of DNA damage repair gene expression profiles in cervical cancer cells radioresistant to 252Cf neutron and X-rays

GeneBank Symbol Gene Function Regulation Mode
    HeLaNR* HeLaXR*
NM_000051 ATM Other genes involved in DNA repair   up
NM_006763 BTG2 Other genes involved in DNA repair up  
NM_001279 CIDEA Apoptosis genes up up
NM_014430 CIDEB Apoptosis genes up up
NM_000082 CKN1 Nucleotide excision repair up  
NM_001923 DDB1 Nucleotide excision repair up up
NM_007068 DMC1 Nucleotide excision repair   up
NM_005236 ERCC4 Nucleotide excision repair up  
NM_006705 GADD45G Apoptosis genes up  
NM_001515 GTF2H2 Nucleotide excision repair up  
NM_016426 GTSE1 Cell cycle arrest   up
NM_004507 HUS1 Cell cycle arrest   up
NM_054111 IHPK3 Apoptosis genes up  
NM_001567 INPPL1 Other genes involved in DNA repair up up
NM_033276 KUB3 Nonhomologous end-joining up up
NM_000234 LIG1 Nucleotide excision repair   up
NM_002758 MAP2K6 Cell cycle arrest   up
NM_002969 MAPK12 Cell cycle arrest up up
NM_005590 MRE11A Homologous recombination   up
NM_018177 N4BP2 Other genes involved in DNA repair   up
NM_002528 NTHL1 Base excision repair up up
NM_020418 PCBP4 Apoptosis genes   up
D38500 PMS2L4 Mismatch repair   up
NM_005395 PMS2L9 Mismatch repair   up
NM_007254 PNKP Base excision repair up up
NM_014330 PPP1R15A Apoptosis genes   up
NM_006904 PRKDC Nonhomologous end-joining   up
NM_002873 RAD17 Cell cycle arrest   up
NM_006265 RAD21 Apoptosis genes up  
NM_005053 RAD23A Nucleotide excision repair   up
NM_002875 RAD51 Homologous recombination   up
NM_133509 RAD51L1 Homologous recombination   up
NM_002878 RAD51L3 Homologous recombination   up
NM_002879 RAD52 Homologous recombination up up
NM_003579 RAD54L Homologous recombination   up
NM_004584 RAD9A Cell cycle arrest   up
NM_016316 REV1L Other genes involved in DNA repair   up
NM_000546 TP53 Apoptosis genes   up
NM_016381 TREX1 Mismatch repair   up
NM_007205 TREX2 Other genes involved in DNA repair   up
NM_003362 UNG Base excision repair up up
NM_021147 UNG2 Base excision repair up up
NM_005431 XRCC2 Homologous recombination   up
NM_005432 XRCC3 Homologous recombination up up
NM_003401 XRCC4 Nonhomologous end-joining   up
NM_001239 CCNH Nucleotide excision repair   down
NM_004083 DDIT3 Cell cycle arrest down down
NM_001924 GADD45A Apoptosis genes down down
NM_002311 LIG3 Base excision repair down  
NM_000534 PMS1 Mismatch repair down  
NM_002873 RAD17 Cell cycle arrest down  
  1. * compared with HeLa cells