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Figure 5

From: Microarray analysis of DNA damage repair gene expression profiles in cervical cancer cells radioresistant to 252Cf neutron and X-rays

Figure 5

Apoptosis assay in three cells after irradiation at 48 h. Apoptosis assay of HeLa cells and the radioresistant two sub-lines 48 h after irradiation. At 0 Gy, the apoptosis rate was 0.93-2.71%for all three cell lines. The difference in the apoptosis rate between HeLa cells vs. HeLaXR and HeLaNR cells significantly increased with higher radiation doses (4 Gy: 9.32 vs 3.84, 7.94 vs 5.43; 16 Gy: 22.47 vs 7.28, 20.03 vs 11.1, p < 0.05).

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