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Table 1 Estimation of Peritoneal Surface Disease Severity of Patients with Colorectal Cancer Peritoneal Carcinomatosis

From: Evaluation of Best Supportive Care and Systemic Chemotherapy as Treatment Stratified according to the retrospective Peritoneal Surface Disease Severity Score (PSDSS) for Peritoneal Carcinomatosis of Colorectal Origin

Peritoneal Surface Disease Severity Score for Colorectal Cancer
Clinical Symptoms Extent of Carcinomatosis Primary Tumor Histopathology
No Symptoms PCI < 10 Well or Moderately Differentiated and N0
0 points 1 Point 1 Point
Mild Symptoms PCI 10 to 20 Moderately Differentiated and N1 or N2
1 Point 3 Points 3 Points
Severe Symptoms PCI > 20 Poorly Differentiated or Signet Ring
6 Points 7 Points 9 Points