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Figure 2

From: Characterization of the association between 8q24 and colon cancer: gene-environment exploration and meta-analysis

Figure 2

Meta-analysis of the association between colorectal cancer and the 8q24 SNP rs6983267. Forest plot of effect sizes and inverse-variance pooled estimates of the association between colorectal cancer risk and 8q24 SNP rs6983267. The symbol size indicates the weight for each study, and lines indicate the confidence intervals. Studies are grouped by race/ethnicity. One study (indicated by an asterisk) reported more than one racial/ethnic group, but is grouped with the European/European American studies, since that is the primary group (the percentage Caucasian is 94-95% for both cases and controls). The study reported that similar results were found when they restricted to white/Caucasian subjects. Results for rs6983267 were consistent across studies (I2 = 0%; p-value for test of heterogeneity = 0.75).

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