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Table 1 Seven cases of low-grade ESOS reported in literature.

From: Low-grade extraskeletal osteosarcoma of the chest wall: case report and review of literature

Ref. Sex/Age Initial diagnosis Tumour location Largest diameter Treatment Clinical outcome
[10] M/44 Myositis ossificans Right thigh 5 cm S Lung metastases, 4 years, death
[11] F/57 Low-grade ESOS Right popliteal fossa 24 cm S Disease-free,
5 years
[12] F/74 Parosteal OS Left axilla 14 cm S Disease-free,
2 years
[13] F/35 Myositis ossificans Left leg 11 cm S Disease-free,
4 years
[14] F/40 Parosteal OS Back, para-spinal 9 cm S Lost to follow-up,
2 months
[14] M/32 Low-grade ESOS Right thigh
and others
16 cm S + CT Lung and retroperitoneum metastases, 4 years, death
Our case M/30 Myositis ossificans Chest 30 cm CT Loco-regional extension,
death 5 years after first symptoms and 1 year after diagnosis
  1. M, male; F, female; ESOS, extraskeletal osteosarcoma; OS, osteosarcoma; S, surgery; CT, chemotherapy