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Table 1 Frequency (cm-1) assignment, proposed vibrational mode and molecular source of 6 prominent significant wavenumbers.

From: Evaluation of FTIR Spectroscopy as a diagnostic tool for lung cancer using sputum

Peak Peak position from second derivative (cm-1) Proposed vibrational mode Proposed primary source
  normal cancer   
A 964 966 PO4 = stretch; C-C stretch Protein and nucleic acid
B 1024 1024 C-O stretch, C-O bend Glycogen
C 1049 1051 C-O stretch, C-O bend Glycogen
D* 1411 1417 COO- stretch, C-H bend Protein
E 1577 1577 Amide II, NH bend, C-N stretch, C = N imidazole ring stretching Protein and nucleic acid
F 1656 1654 Amide I, C = O stretch Protein
  1. Assignments taken from references: [22, 2426].