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Table 5 Codes for Identifying Chemo-Immunotherapy and Radiation from Medicare Inpatient and Outpatient Claims

From: Racial differences in treatment and survival in older patients with diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL)

Specific Agents HCPCS
Fludarabine J9185
Cyclophosphamide J8530 J9070 J9080 J9090-J9097
Vincristine J9370 J9375 J9380
Rituximab J9310
Mitoxantrone J9293
Doxorubicin J9001 J9000
Bleomycin J9040
Alemtuzumab J9010
Cisplatin J9060 J9062
Etoposide J8560 J9181 J9182
Cytarabine J9098 J9100 J9110
Pentostatin J9268
Gemcitabine J9201
Interferon alpha J9212 J9213 J9214
Denileukin Difitox J9160
Methotrexate J9250 J9260 J8610
Mesna J9290
Leucovorin J9064
HCPCS J Codes J9xxxx (other than above)
HCPCS (other) 964xx or 965xx (other than above) Q0083 Q0084 Q0085
diagnosis V581,V662,V672
DRG 410
Procedure ICD-9 9925
Revenue Center 0331,0332,0335
Radiation Codes
HCPCS 77401-77499 77750-77799
Diagnosis codes ICD-9 V580 V661 V671
Procedure codes ICD-9 9921 9222 9223 9224 9225 9226 9227 9228 9229
  1. HCPCS - Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System
  2. ICD-9 - International Classification of Diseases, 9th Revision, Clinical Modification DRG - Diagnosis-Related Group