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Table 1 Gene set enrichment analysis predicts pathways involved in inflammation, cancer, and hypoxia are important for hemangiosarcomaa

From: Gene expression profiling identifies inflammation and angiogenesis as distinguishing features of canine hemangiosarcoma

Gene set Description ES NES FDR
MENSE_HYPOXIA_UP Hypoxia induced genes in HeLa and astrocytes 0.82 2.32 0.000
BRENTANI_CELL_ADHESION Cancer related genes involved in cell adhesion and metalloproteinases 0.67 2.15 0.005
LINDSTEDT_DEND_8H_VS_48H_UP Genes upregulated in stimulated Dendritic cells 0.75 2.15 0.003
HYPOXIA_REVIEW Genes known to be induced by hypoxia 0.62 2.12 0.003
KNUDSEN_PMNS_UP Genes up-regulated in PMNs upon migration to skin lesions 0.73 2.10 0.003
CHIARETTI_T_ALL Genes overexpressed in leukemia 0.61 2.10 0.002
  1. aThe filtered gene list from hemangiosarcoma vs. non-malignant hematomas were compared using the GSEA software. ES (Enrichment Score) is a value that represents how well the gene set is enriched within the selected gene list. NES (normalized enrichment score) corrects the ES for differences in gene set size and can be used to compare across gene sets. A high ES or NES indicates that gene set is highly enriched within our gene list. The lists shown are those gene sets with an NES of 2.10 or higher.