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Figure 2

From: HIF-1α inhibition by siRNA or chetomin in human malignant glioma cells: effects on hypoxic radioresistance and monitoring via CA9 expression

Figure 2

Effects of HIF-1α-siRNA and CTM in U251MG and U343MG Cells: qRT-PCR of CA9 mRNA Levels. A (U251MG) and B (U343MG), Silencing of HIF-1α depleted the normoxic and hypoxic CA9 mRNA levels. CA9 mRNA levels using 75 nM HIF-1α-specific siRNA as compared to 75 nM control siRNA-treated and untreated cells. C (U251MG) and D (U343MG), CTM depleted the normoxic and hypoxic expression of CA9 mRNA. 75 nM CTM in comparison with DMSO-treated and untreated cells.

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