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Figure 1

From: Expression pattern of matrix metalloproteinases in human gynecological cancer cell lines

Figure 1

MMP pattern in human gynecological cancer cell lines analyzed by semiquantitative RT-PCR. Total mRNA from the folowing gynecological cancer cell lines was extracted and used as template for RT-PCR analysis: endometrium carcinoma (Endo-CA), cervical carcinoma (Cervix-CA), chorion carcinoma (Chorio-CA), ovarian carcinoma (OV-CA) and teratocarcinoma (Terato-CA). Primers, specific for each transcript were designed in flanking exons (for primer deteils see [46]), resulting in longer amplicons if human genomic DNA was amplified (positive control (+)) and in shorter amplicons representing cDNAs. The housekeeping gene PBGD was used as internal loading control and amounts of cDNA were normalized to the amount of PBGD for each sample.

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