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Figure 7

From: Aggressive mammary carcinoma progression in Nrf2 knockout mice treated with 7,12-dimethylbenz[a]anthracene

Figure 7

Western blot analyses of mammary carcinomas. Panel A: Ratio of oxidized proteins: total protein in mammary carcinomas. Values represent means ± SE (n = 7-8). No significant difference was observed between WT and KO. The oxyblot was repeated a second time with additional samples (n = 9-12), and similar results were observed. Panel B: Ratio of phospho-p65-NF-κB/total NF-κB (normalized to total protein) in mammary carcinomas. Values represent means ± SE (n = 5-6) of individual tumors. This ratio was significantly higher in the KO mammary carcinomas. * Significant difference (ANOVA p < 0.05). Panel C: Representative western blot comparing WT and KO mammary carcinoma expression of β-catenin. Top panel, active β-catenin, middle panel, total β-catenin, lower panel, β-actin (loading control). Tumor lysates from individual mice were loaded on the gel as indicated at top of figure. Panel D: Summary of β-catenin results. Figures represent the ratio of active/total β-catenin (means ± SE, n = 9-10). * Significant difference (ANOVA p < 0.05).

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