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Table 2 CD44s expression in lymphoma: comparison of published data with this study

From: Epigenetic regulation of CD44in Hodgkin and non-Hodgkin lymphoma

  published data this study
Lymphoma subtype CD44s protein [reference] CD44unmethylated promoter in primary lymphomas CD44unmethylated promoter in cell lines CD44s expression in cell lines
HL pos [45] n.d. 3/7 5/7
ALCL pos [46] n.d. 2/5 3/5
BL neg [48, 55] 11/29 0/7 0/7
nodal FL
pos/neg [55]
neg [45]
n.d. 2/6 2/6
DLBCL pos/neg [47, 55, 56] 9/10 2/8 2/8
MCL pos [44] 11/11 6/7 7/7
normal lymphoid tissue pos [40, 41] 3/3   
  1. Comparison of CD44s protein expression in samples of lymphoma patients as reported in the literature and CD44 methylation status and CD44s gene expression in lymphoma cell lines and patient samples analyzed in our study. CD44 methylation status was determined by MSP (primary samples) or MS-MLPA (cell lines), CD44 gene expression levels were analyzed by qRT-PCR. pos = most of the reported samples were CD44 positive, neg = all analyzed samples were negative for CD44. pos/neg = CD44+ and CD44- samples were described, n.d. = not determined.