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Table 1 CD44 methylation status, mRNA and protein expression in lymphoma cell lines

From: Epigenetic regulation of CD44in Hodgkin and non-Hodgkin lymphoma

subtype cell line MS-MLPA MSP CD44mRNA Aza induction of CD44mRNA CD44 protein
HL KM-H2 M M/U positive - positive
  L-428 M U positive n.d. positive
  L-1236 U U positive n.d. n.d.
  SUP-HD1 U U positive n.d. positive
ALCL DEL U M/U positive n.d. positive
  KARPAS-299 M M/U negative +++ negative
BL CA-46 M M negative +++ negative
  DAUDI M M/U negative + n.d.
  EB-1 M M negative ++ negative
  RAJI M M negative +++ negative
FL DOGUM U U negative - n.d.
  DOHH-2 M M/U positive - n.d.
  SC-1 M M/U negative +++ negative
  WSU-FSCCL M M negative ++ n.d.
DLBCL DB M M/U negative + n.d.
  HT M M/U negative ++ negative
  SU-DHL-4 M M/U negative n.d. negative
  WSU-DLCL2 U U negative - negative
MCL GRANTA-519 U U positive - positive
  HBL-2 U M/U positive n.d. positive
  JEKO-1 M U positive - positive
  REC-1 U U positive - positive
  1. Gene expression and induction of CD44 mRNA transcription were analyzed by qRT-PCR. Aza induction was tested after incubation of cells for 3 days with 5 μM Aza. CD44 protein expression was analyzed by flow cytometry. MS-MLPA and MSP results: M: methylated, U: unmethylated; fold of Aza induction: + > 3 ×, ++ > 30 ×, +++ > 150 ×, - = no change; n.d.: not determined.