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Table 1 Basal characteristics of patients

From: Long-term effect of stereotactic body radiation therapy for primary hepatocellular carcinoma ineligible for local ablation therapy or surgical resection. Stereotactic radiotherapy for liver cancer

Patient Characteristics N = 42
Overall median follow up period (months, range) 28.7 (8.4-49.1)
Age (years, mean ± SD) 60.1 ± 10.9
Sex (male/female) 32/10
Cause of HCC (HBV/HCV/Alcohol/Others) 29/7/2/4
ECOG performance (0/1) 41/1
Child-Pugh classification (A/B/C) 38/4/0
AJCC stage (I/II/IIIa/IV) 23/16/3/0
Median tumor volume (cc, range) 15.4 (3.04-81.82)
Tumor number (solitary/multifocal) 27/15
Initial median AFP (ng/dl, range) 13.9 (1.0-798.8)
Previous therapy  
No treatment 8
TACE alone 16
TACE combined with locoregional therapies 16 (PEI 13, RFA 3)
TACE combined with surgical resection 2
  1. Abbreviations: HCC, hepatocellular carcinoma; HBV, hepatitis B virus; HCV, hepatitis C virus; ECOG performance, Eastern Co-operative Group performance; AFP, alfa-fetoprotein; TACE, transarterial chemoembolization; PEI, percutaneous ethanol injection; RFA, radiofrequency ablation