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Table 1 Novel Genetic variants in selected miRNA genes in ovarian cancer patients

From: Novel genetic variants in miR-191 gene and familial ovarian cancer

miRNA genes Nt Change Location Allele frequency Selected target genes (examples)*
miR -17 C/T Pri-miRNA 0.012 BRCA1, PTEN, p53 and ATM
hsa-mir-191 C/T Pri-miRNA 0.006 IGF1R, FANCC, FANCF, FANCD2, MLH3
  C/G pri-miRNA 0.012  
  C/A Pre-miRNA 0.006  
hsa-mir-29b-2 C/T pri-miRNA 0.042 DNMT3A, IGFI, CCND2, BCL2
  A/T pre-miRNA 0.021 DNMT3A, IGFI, CCND2, BCL2
hsa-mir-188 T/C pri-miRNA 0.006 CCND2, XRCC2, IGFI, E2F
  1. * This non-inclusive list shows only the potential targets known to be involved in tumorigenesis. Other, unrelated, targets may exist for these miRNAs.