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Figure 1

From: Significance of Aurora B overexpression in hepatocellular carcinoma. Aurora B Overexpression in HCC

Figure 1

Overexpression of Aurora B in hepatocellular carcinoma. (A) Aurora B mRNA expression in paired hepatocellular carcinoma (H) and nontumorous liver parenchyma (L) was measured by quantitative RT-PCR in the exponential phase of amplification. Overexpression of Aurora B (Aurora B/S26 ratio > 0.5) was detected in 9 of 13 representative tumor samples and in 2 nontumorous liver tissues. Tumor stage and tumor size are depicted above. (B) Protein lysates and mRNA from nontumorous liver tissues and 7 liver cancer cell lines were analyzed by immunoblotting and quantitative RT-PCR. All 7 liver cancer cell lines show overexpression of Aurora B at protein level (top panel). The mRNA expressions were correlated with protein levels (bottom panel).

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