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Table 1 Primers, restriction enzymes and length of digested fragments of IL-1 0 promoter polymorphism

From: Association of genetic polymorphisms in the interleukin-10 promoter with risk of prostate cancer in Chinese

Polymorphism Primer sequence Annealing temperature Restriction enzyme Allele size
IL-10-1082G/A 5'-CTCGCTGCA ACCCAACTGGC-3' 58°C Mnl I A:139 bp
  5'-TCTTACCTATCCCTACTTCC-3'    G:106,33 bp
IL-10-819C/T 5'-TCATTCTATGTGCTGGAGATGG-3' 59°C Mae III C:125,84 bp
IL-10-592C/A 5'-GTGAGCACTACCTGACTAGC-3' 58°C RsaI C:412 bp
  5'-CCTAGGTCACAGTGACGTGG-3'    A:175,237 bp