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Table 4 Functional classification of 40 differentially expressed genes in CD133+ vs.CD133- GBM samples

From: Molecular analysis of ex-vivo CD133+ GBM cells revealed a common invasive and angiogenic profile but different proliferative signatures among high grade gliomas

Protein Synthesis 1,14E-10-1,14E-10 EIF2AK4, RPL22, RPS4X, RPS3A, RPL27A, RPL7A, RPL39, RPL23A, RPL41, RPL7
Cancer 1,17E-04-4,38E-02 HUWE1, TRA2B, VIM, PLK1, TUBA1B, ACTG1, RPL7, TPT1, RPS4X, RPS3A, H3F3A, RPS16, GLUL, HSP90AA1, CLEC2D
Cellular Growth and Proliferation 1,94E-03-2,89E-02 HUWE1, PLK1, RPL23A
Cell Death 1,99E-03-3,52E-02 HUWE1, RPS3A, HSP90AA1, VIM, PLK1
Cell Morphology 1,99E-03-2,36E-02 VIM
Cellular Assembly and Organization 1,99E-03-3,71E-02 VIM, PLK1, ACTG1, RPL7
DNA Replication, Recombination, and Repair 1,99E-03-3,71E-02 HUWE1, VIM, PLK1
Cell-To-Cell Signalling and Interaction 3,97E-03-9,9E-03 VIM
Cellular Function and Maintenance 5,49E-03-2,94E-02 EIF2AK4, HSP90AA1, VIM, ACTG1
Cellular Development 5,95E-03-1,97E-02 EIF2AK4, HSP90AA1, VIM
Neurological Disease 9,02E-03-4,28E-02 TPT1, RPS4X, RPS3A, RPL39, VIM, ACTG1, NSMAF, TUBA1B, CALM2
Skeletal and Muscular Disorders 9,02E-03-9,02E-03 TPT1, RPS4X, RPS3A, VIM, TUBA1B
Cellular Movement 1,38E-02-1,38E-02 VIM
Gene Expression 2,36E-02-3,13E-02 PABPC1, PLK1