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Figure 11

From: The activation of Proteinase-Activated Receptor-1 (PAR1) mediates gastric cancer cell proliferation and invasion

Figure 11

Effect of NF-κB inhibitor CAPE and a PAR1 antagonist SCH79797 on trans-criptional activation by thrombin stimulation of NF-κB target genes. NF-κB inhibitor or PAR1 antagonist was added at 25 μg/ml or 70 nM, respectively, to the culture medium with 15 nM α-thrombin. Six hour later, the treated cells were harvested for preparing total RNA, which was subjected to quantification for mRNA expression of four NF-κB target genes, such as, TN-C, Bcl-2, cIAP1 and EGFR by real time RT-qPCR. Each mRNA expression level after 6 hr thrombin stimulation is 100%, the suppressive effect of inhibitor or antagonist was expressed as % inhibition. (Date were expressed as mean values ± SD from triplicate experiments.)

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