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Table 1 Clinical characteristics of patients with head and neck squamous cell carcinoma

From: Correlation of NF-κB signal pathway with tumor metastasis of human head and neck squamous cell carcinoma

Patients (Tn) Age/gender Tumor site Pathological stage Patients (Tm/Lm) Age/gender Tumor site Pathological stage
No.     No.    
1 48/M Buccal mucosa T4N0M0 1 35/F Tongue T2N1M0
2 49/F Tongue T3N0M0 2 42/M Mandibular alveolar T2N1M0
3 60/F Buccal mucosa T2N0M0 3 59/M Buccal mucosa T4N2bM0
4 35/M Upper lip T1N0M0 4 62/F Mandibular gingival T4N2bM1
5 64/F Tongue T2N0M0 5 63/F Tongue T2N1M0
6 61/M Soft palate and buccal mucosa T1N0M0 6 53/M Buccal mucosa T2N2aM0
7 73/M Lower lip T1N0M0 7 72/F Tongue T1N2aM0
8 81/M Lower lip T1N0M0 8 65/F Tongue T2N2bM0
9 69/F Lower lip T2N0M0 9 50/M Tongue T2N1M0
10 55/M Tongue T1N0M0 10 72/M Mandibular gingival T4N1M0
11 76/M Buccal mucosa T2N0M0 11 41/M Tongue T2N1M0
12 56/F Mandibular gingiva T1N0M0 12 48/M Tongue and floor of mouth T3N2bM0
13 68/F Buccal mucosa T2N0M0 13 70/M Tongue T3N1MO
14 42/M Tongue T2N0M0 14 74/M Soft palate T4N1M0
15 73M Tongue T1N0M0 15 45/M Tongue T4N2bM0
16 42/F Tongue T2N0M0 16 62/M Tongue T2N1M0
17 52/F Tongue T2N0M0 17 56/M Floor of mouth T4N2cM0
18 50/M Tongue T1N0M0 18 55/M Tongue T4N2M0
19 51/F Mandibular gingival T3N0M0 19 51/M Buccal mucosa T3N2aM0
20 51/M Buccal mucosa T3N0M0 20 58/F Tongue T2N1M0
21 63/F Tongue T2N0M0 21 51/M Buccal mucosa T1N1M0
22 55/M Tongue T2N0M0 22 50/M Glottis T2N3M0
23 62/F Tongue T2N0M0 23 49/M Tongue T2N2M0
24 58/F Buccal mucosa T4N0M0 24 75/M Tongue T4N1M0
25 79/M Floor of mouth T4N0M0 25 42/F Tongue and floor of mouth T4N1M0
26 52/M Buccal mocosa T2N0M0 26 68/F Buccal mucosa T4N2aM0
27 78/F Mandibular alveolar T2N0M0 27 62/M Tongue T3N2bM0
28 30/M Tongue T3N0M0 28 62/F Mandibular gingival T2N2M0
29 42/F Mandibular gingival T1N0M0 29 36/M Tongue T4N2aM0
30 56/M Hard palate T1N0M0 30 50/M Tongue T4N1M0