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Figure 4

From: Restoration of radiation therapy-induced salivary gland dysfunction in mice by post therapy IGF-1 administration

Figure 4

Post therapy IGF-1 restores amylase content in stimulated saliva 30 days following radiation. The head and neck region of FVB mice was exposed to a single 5 Gy radiation dose and mice received injections of IGF-1 or vehicle on days 4-8 as depicted in figure 1A. In (A), stimulated saliva samples from figure 2A were collected and analyzed for total protein content as described in the materials and methods section. The graph represents the percentage of amylase protein (ranging from 50-57 kD). All data are composed of the mean and standard error of the mean from 7-8 mice per group. Significant differences (p < 0.05) were determined using an ANOVA followed by a Bonferroni test. (*) in figure 4A indicates significant differences between irradiated mice receiving post-therapy IGF-1 or vehicle. A representative Western blot as described in the materials and methods section of day 30 saliva samples is shown in (B).

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