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Table 1 Genes investigated for methylation in HCC after LT

From: Predictive value of CpG island methylator phenotype for tumor recurrence in hepatitis B virus-associated hepatocellular carcinoma following liver transplantation

Gene Chromosomal Locations Function References
SFRP1 8p12-11.1 Wnt signaling pathway antagonist [30]
P16 9q21 Cell cycle regulation [22]
SYK 9q22 Signal transduction [12]
DAPK 9q34 Interferon-γ, TNF-α, and FAS-induced apoptosis [25]
DKK1 10q11.1 Wnt signaling pathway antagonist [31]
MGMT 10q26 DNA repair [26]
GSTP1 11q13 Carcinogens and cytotoxic drug detoxification [24]
TMS1 16p11-12 Apoptosis regulation [25]
SOCS1 16p13.13 Regulator of cytokine signaling [29]
CDH1 16q22 Cell adhesion [23]
XAF1 17p13.2 Cell apoptosis [27]
TIMP3 22q13.1 Tissue invasion and metastasis [21]