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Table 1 Morphologic alterations in the prostate glands of male heterozygous Men1 mice.

From: Characterisation of prostate cancer lesions in heterozygous Men1 mutant mice

Type of pathology Men1 +/+ Men1 +/-
Normal prostate 7/23 (30.4%)a 3/47 (6.4%)*
Hyperplasia 10/23 (43.5%) 22/47 (46.8%)
mPIN 6/23 (26.1%) 16/47 (34%)
Carcinoma 0/23 (0%) 6/47 (12.8%)
  1. Men1 +/+ and Men1 +/- male mice were monitored for cancer development and examined by histology between 18 and 26 months. a Number of mice of each histological category over the total number of the mice examined. The percentage of mice in each histological category is shown in parentheses. For each mouse, only the most severe type of lesion was taken into account. For this reason, mPINs observed in four mice having carcinoma lesions were not counted in this table. * p = 0.0266 (Fisher's exact test).