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Figure 3

From: Effects of ATRA combined with citrus and ginger-derived compounds in human SCC xenografts

Figure 3

Effects of combinations of ACA/AUR ± ATRA on SRB12-p9 SCC tumor growth in SCID/bg mice. Groups of mice were fed diets containing the following combinations [A] ACA 500 ppm ± ATRA 5 ppm (n = 7-8); [B] ACA 500 ppm ± ATRA 10 ppm (n = 7-8); [C] ACA 500 ppm ± ATRA 30 ppm (n = 5); and [D] AUR 1000 ppm ± ATRA 10 ppm (n = 5). Figures represent means ± S.E. Note that the first two experiments (panels A & B) were conducted simultaneously, so the control and ACA groups are the same, but the two different doses of ATRA ± ACA were split into separate graphs for clarity.

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