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Figure 5

From: Gene expression analysis after receptor tyrosine kinase activation reveals new potential melanoma proteins

Figure 5

MAPK-pathway dependent expression of FOSL1 and effects of FOSL1 knockdown on proliferation and migration of melanoma cells A375 and Mel Juso. a, Western blot analysis of FOSL1 levels in murine melanocytes (left) and human melanocytes and melanoma cell lines (right). Murine melan-a and melan-a HERmrk cells were starved for 2 days before EGF and U0126 were added for 24 hours. Human melanoma cells were treated with U0126 for 24 hours. P-ERK1/2 levels were used to verify MEK inhibition, ERK2 was used as reference.

b, Realtime PCR analysis (left) and Western blot analysis (right) of FOSL1 expression levels after treatment of the indicated cell lines with control siRNA or FOSL1-specific siRNA. For realtime PCR analysis, control siRNA-treated FOSL1 levels were set as 1. For the Western blot, β-actin was used as reference.

c, BrdU incorporation of A375 and Mel Juso melanoma cells transfected with control siRNA or FOSL1-specific siRNA.

d, Migration of A375 and Mel Juso cells treated with FOSL1-specific siRNA relative to control siRNA-treated cells.

Significant (p < 0.05) or highly significant (p < 0.001) differences between control and FOSL1 siRNA treated cells are marked by one or two asterisks, respectively (Student's t-test, paired, two-tailed).

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