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Figure 1

From: Gene expression analysis after receptor tyrosine kinase activation reveals new potential melanoma proteins

Figure 1

Color map of Xmrk-specific gene expression. Eleven highly regulated genes are itemized. RNA was extracted at time 0 (no hEGF) and at indicated time points after hEGF addition. The color code shows differences in the expression of the eleven genes regulated > 4-fold in the range of +3 (red) to -3 (green).

Sos1, son of sevenless homolog 1; Ube2i, ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme E2I; Cyr61, cysteine rich angiogenic inducer 61; Egr1, early growth response 1; Dusp4, dual specificity phosphatase 4; Igfbp3, insulin-like growth factor binding protein 3; Fosl1, FOS-like antigen 1; Emp1, epithelial membrane protein 1; Opn, osteopontin; Taal6, tumor-associated antigen L6. NA: not annotated.

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