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Figure 1

From: Relationship between EGFR expression, copy number and mutation in lung adenocarcinomas

Figure 1

The consistency of three biomarkers. A-C: Case 1, three biomarkers were all positive in the same case, A: IHC positive(3+), B: FISH positive (amplification), C: Curves for exon 19 using the Scorpions ARMS method, if only one ascending curve showed the wild-type, more than two ascending curves showed the mutation. Two ascending curves in this case indicated mutation(the left curve represented wild type, the right curve represented mutant, exon 19 deletion). D-F: Case 2, three biomarkers were all negative in the same case. D: IHC negative, E: FISH negative(low trisomy), F: mutation negative(one ascending curve indicated EGFR wild type).

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