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Table 2 Data of colorectal carcinomas used for xenografting experiments and overall results of outcomes.

From: Cryopreservation of human colorectal carcinomas prior to xenografting

Tumor-ID Age/Gender Site* TNM-Stage Molecular type Fresh Cryo
HROC24 98/m Right colon G2T2N0M0 spMSI Success ND
HROC26 60/m Left colon G3T4N2M1 spStd Failure ND
HROC29 59/m Right colon G3T3N2M1 HNPCC Success ND
HROC32 82/f Right colon G2T4N2M1 spStd Success ND
HROC33 70/f Left colon G2T3N1M0 spStd Failure ND
HROC37 77/m Right colon G3T2N0M0 ND Failure ND
HROC38 67/f Right colon G2T3N0M0 spStd Failure ND
HROC39 69/m Right colon G3T4N0M0 spStd Success ND
HROC40 69/m Left colon G3T3N1M0 CIMP-H Success ND
HROC45 52/m Right colon G3T4N0M0 ND Failure ND
HROC46 66/m Right colon G3T3N0M1 spStd Success ND
HROC48 68/m Right colon G3T2N1M0 spMSI ND Success
HROC50 67/f Right colon G2T4N0M0 spMSI ND Success
HROC51 70/m Left colon G3T4N2M1 spStd ND Failure
HROC52 55/f Left colon G2T2N0M0 spStd ND Failure
HROC53 72/f Right colon G3T3N0M0 spMSI ND Success
HROC54 63/f Left colon G2T3N2M0 spStd ND Success
HROC55 81/f Right colon G3T2N0M0 spMSI ND Success
HROC56 70/m Right colon G1T3N0M0 ND Failure ND
HROC57 43/m Right colon G3T3N2M1 NA§ Success ND
HROC59 76/m Right colon G2T3N1M1 spStd Success ND
HROC60 71/m Right colon G2T2N0M0 CIMP-H Success ND
HROC61 57/m Rektum G3T3N0M0 spStd ND Failure
HROC62 84/f Right colon G3T4N2M0 spStd ND Success
HROC63 81/f Left colon G2T4N0M0 spStd Success Failure
HROC64 71/m Left colon G2T2N0M0 spStd ND Success
HROC65 73/f Right colon G3T3N2M1 spStd Success Success
HROC66 75/m Rektum G2T3N2M0 spStd ND Failure
HROC67 54/m Left colon G2T3N1M0 spStd ND Failure
HROC68 84/m Left colon G2T4N2M0 spStd Success Success
HROC69 62/m Right colon G3T3N0M1 spStd Success Failure
HROC70 65/f Right colon G3T4N1M0 spStd Success Success
HROC71 52/m Right colon G2T3N0M0 HNPCC ND Success
HROC72 61/m Right colon G2T3N2M1   ND Success
HORC73 69/m Left colon G2T3N0M0   ND Failure
HROC74 80/m Left colon G2T4N0M0 spStd ND Success
HROC75 58/m Left colon G2T3N0M0 spStd ND Success
HROC78 75/m Right colon G3T3N0M0 CIMP-H ND Success
HROC80 72/m Right colon G2T3N2M1   ND Success
HROC81 21/f Right colon G3T4N0M1 spStd ND Success
HROC82 62/m Right colon G2T3N0M0   ND Success
HROC83 85/f Right colon G2T3N1M1   ND Failure
HROC84 88/f Left colon G2T3N0M0 spStd ND Success
HROC85 65/m Rektum G2T3N0M0 spStd Success ND
HROC86 79/f Left colon G2T3N1M0 spStd Success ND
HROC87 76/f Left colon G3T3N0M0 spMSI ND Success
HROC88 69/f Right colon G2T3N1M0   ND Success
HROC89 80/m Rektum G2T3N0M1 spStd Success Success
  1. * Right colon (coecum to splenic flexure), left colon (descending colon and sigmoid), Rektum. † Abbreviations for molecular types of colorectal carcinomas. ‡ ND - not determined/not done. § NA - not applicable.