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Table 3 Cox proportional hazard models with multivariate adjustment*1

From: Serum vitamin D levels and survival of patients with colorectal cancer: Post-hoc analysis of a prospective cohort study

Covariate Hazard Ratio P value 95% Confidence Interval
25OHD, ng/mL    
3-7 (Quartile 1) 0.50 0.22 0.16-1.54
8-10 (Quartile 2) 0.55 0.29 0.18-1.65
11-15 (Quartile 3) Reference   
16-36 (Quartile 4) 0.16 0.009 0.04-0.63
  1. *1: Multivariate hazard ratios, 95% confidence intervals, and P values were adjusted for age at diagnosis (years), gender, calendar month of blood sampling, cancer stage (I, II, III, and IV), residual tumor after surgery (R0, no residual tumor; R1, microscopic residual tumor; R2, macroscopic residual tumor), time period of surgery (between 2003 and 2005 or between 2006 and 2008), and number of lymph nodes with metastasis.
  2. *2: Lymph nodes were resected at surgery and metastases in lymph nodes were confirmed pathologically.