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Table 2 Identification of the genes included in the 8-Gene Score

From: An 8-gene qRT-PCR-based gene expression score that has prognostic value in early breast cancer

Gene p-value Score coefficient RefSeq Assay ID
DTL 1.2e-06 0.1936 NM_016448.2 Hs00212788_m1
ECT2 2.8e-06 0.2176 NM_018098.4 Hs00216455_m1
MTDH 2.9e-06 0.0454 NM_178812.2 Hs00757841_m1
PRC1 <1e-07 0.1329 NM_003981.2 Hs00187740_m1
RFC4 0.0002592 0.0556 NM_181573.2 Hs00427469_m1
SCUBE2 0.0005634 -0.1913 NM_020974.1 Hs00221277_m1
STK32B 0.0004406 -0.0443 NM_018401.1 Hs00179683_m1
ZNF533 2.13e-05 -0.1182 NM_152520.4 Hs00332216_m1