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Table 1 Exclusion criteria and numbers of excluded patients

From: Does delay in diagnosing colorectal cancer in symptomatic patients affect tumor stage and survival? A population-based observational study

Family history of CRC (asymptomatic) 3
Post-CRC surveillance program (asymptomatic) 4
Post-polypectomy surveillance program (asymptomatic) 8
Surveillance for hereditary syndromes 3
Surveillance for inflammatory bowel disease 5
Lack of participation of general practitioner 10
Lack of data on patient delay 36
Lack of data on healthcare delay 15
Lack of data on tumor stage 20
Total 104
  1. * In total 376 patients were diagnosed with CRC after endoscopic evaluation of the large bowel during the 3 months study period in this multi-centre, population-based study.
  2. † Abbreviations: CRC = colorectal cancer