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Table 2 Technical data of the laboratory procedure for each specific antibody

From: Up-regulation of cell cycle arrest protein BTG2 correlates with increased overall survival in breast cancer, as detected by immunohistochemistry using tissue microarray

Antibody Antibody dilution Manufacturer Catalogue number Type of antibody Time of incubation (RT) Pre-treatment buffer visualization system
AdipoR1 1:300 Phoenix Pharmaceuticals H-001-44 Rabbit polyclonal 30 min Borgs decloaker LSAB
Adora1 1:500 Genway Biotech 18-461-10001 Rabbit polyclonal 30 min Borgs decloaker LSAB
BTG2 1:1000 Genway Biotech 18-003-42396 Rabbit polyclonal 30 min S2367 Envision
CD46 1:40 BD Biosciences 555948 Mouse monoclonal 30 min S1699 Envision