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Table 4 Annual per capita consumption of alcoholic beverages in Brazil

From: Cancer risk assessment of ethyl carbamate in alcoholic beverages from Brazil with special consideration to the spirits cachaça and tiquira

Type of beverage Annual per capita consumption [Litres of pure alcohol]a Distribution in spirits category according to national surveyb Distribution in spirits category, own estimationc Annual per capita consumption of spirits, own estimation [Litres of pure alcohol]d
Beer 3.41    
Wine 0.29    
Spirits all 2.06    
- Cachaça (no data) 66% 66% 1.36
- Whisky (no data) 24% 8.9% 0.18
- Rum (no data) 13% 4.8% 0.10
- Vodka (no data) 28% 10.3% 0.21
- Brandy (no data) 23% 8.5% 0.17
- Other (no data) 4% 1.5% 0.03
- Tiquira (no data) (no data) (less than 1%) 0.003
Unrecorded 3.00    
  1. a Data from WHO GISAH for 2003 for population older than 15 [33]
  2. b Data from a national survey on types of spirits consumed in the previous year [37]. The total is not 100% because of overlapping.
  3. c Estimation was necessary to come to a total 100%. This was conducted on the basis of a 66% cachaça consumption. The rest of 34% was distributed according to the percentages from the national survey [37].
  4. d Calculated from the total spirits consumption of 2.06 l according to WHO GISAH [33] using the estimated distribution. The estimation for tiquira was based on annual consumption of 640.000 l from IBGE [38].